Commonly Asked Questions about Footwear and Common Foot Conditions

  1. What’s a motion control shoe?
    This is a category of running shoes or walking shoes which protect against excessive pronation (foot rolling inward). They incorporate firm support devices on the inside of the shoe to accomplish this. Generally, they’re recommended for overpronators with low or flat arches.

  2. What’s plantar fasciitis?
    This is a painful condition felt along the bottom of the foot that may extend from the heel to the arch. Pain is often worse during the first few steps in the morning and towards the end of the day. Contributing factors include prolonged standing, being overweight, leg length discrepancy, unsupportive shoes, calf and Achilles tightness. Treatment includes arch supports, night splints, and consistent stretching. Early recognition and treatment is key.

  3. What’s a rocker bottom sole?
    This is a shoe or sandal which has a “rocker” shape to the bottom of the outsole. They’re highly effective at propelling the foot forward, decreasing forefoot pressure, and decreasing energy consumption during walking. They’re especially indicated for the arthritic foot and forefoot injuries.

  4. What’s an OTC insert?
    Any mass-produced prefabricated foot care item, appliance, or device that is sold over the counter and is readily available. They are cost effective, and in many instances, they are highly effective at treating many common foot problems such as plantar fascitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, etc.

  5. What's Euro-Comfort mean?
    This is footwear of European styling with roomy toe boxes, anatomical support, soft full-grain leathers, and sizing based on the French/European system. There are no half-sizes, limited width selection, and many styles do not have genders.

  6. What exactly is a bunion?
    A bunion is inflammation, swelling, and soreness of the side surface of the great toe joint (or outside of foot at little toe joint). Pain is felt around the big toe in conjunction with a noticeable lump. The big toe may project towards the other toes in an abnormal angle, Contributing factors include a hereditary predisposition and wearing footwear which is too tight across the ball of the foot.

  7. What are the benefits of a cork footbed in my footwear?
    Cork footbeds are a moisture wicking, shock absorbing material that conforms to the shape of your feet. With continued use, they will "customize" themselves to your feet and provide excellent arch and forefoot support.

  8. What's metatarsalgia?
    A poorly defined painful foot disorder occurring under the ball of the foot.

  9. What's Merino Wool?
    A wool fiber excellent at regulating body temperature, moisture, and odor, It does not itch, is machine wash and dry, and keeps the body warm in winter and cool in summer.

  10. What's a pump bump?
    A common term referring to a distressing swelling or "bump" behind the heel tendon, caused by pressure or friction from a shoe, usually a tight fitting-pump.

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