Vaux Shoes carries a vast assortment of complimentary accessories to address your foot health needs from the following vendors:

Running and Comfort Footwear Accessories

Whatever your foot comfort needs are, find out how Vaux Shoes in Yakima can help you meet them!

Balega running socks -High performance and the most technically advanced running socks on the market
Cadence Insoles - a supportive insole with greater shock absorbing comfort in the heel and forefoot. Made for running as well as any activity performed on your feet.
Currex Insoles - Rated #1 in Comfort & Foot Pressure Relief for improved support of running shoes. Designed by leading German sports scientists.
Lynco OTC orthotics - Recommended by doctors and pedorthists worldwide. Lynco is recognized as the #1 orthotic system on the market today. Millions of pairs have been sold to consumers seeking the quality and support of custom-made orthotics at an over-the-counter price. Lynco orthotics are available in a variety of styles to provide a custom selected solution based on your specific foot-type and footwear style needed.
FITS Socks - Made of Merino wool, FITS socks are naturally anti-microbial, moisutre wicking and fire-resistant. FITS is using innovative technology through their Full Contact® System to ensure a perfect fit - with full contact cuff, heel lock an ddynamic toe cup.
Footbeds, insoles, pads, and accessories by Pedaq provide anatomical support, increased foot hygiene, and are especially thin and light, fitting in most shoes.
Ultra comfy socks. Only 100% Smartwool next to your skin wicks and evaporates moisture better than synthetics. Soft luxurious comfort—doesn't itch. Machine wash and dry—shrink free. Warm in Winter—Cool in Summer.
Sockwell therapeutic socks offer 2 levels of compression to prevent swelling, increase circulation, and prevent fatique. Made from high performance cashmerino bamboo these socks provide natural odor control, thermoregulation, and moisture management.
Sole offers custom heat-moldable footbeds. They offer a personalized, custom fit and genuine comfort all day long. Three different designs available for various footwear styles. Relieves pain and soreness from flat feet, bunions, back and knee pain, and plantar fasciitis.
Only Superfeet balances your foot from toe to heel. Its unique shape, design and materials provide better power to the ball of the foot for more spring in your step, while reducing foot fatigue. The patented Stabilizer Capsule keeps the foot relaxed for less muscle strain. Superfeet is the key to happier, healthier feet.

Whatever your foot comfort needs are, find out how Vaux Shoes in Yakima can help you meet them!

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